Recycling & Restoring

We have recently acquired new premises at the Heathlands Industrial Eastate in Liskeard. This is where R&R has been birthed, a Recycling and Restoring centre where people can help themselves to household items, furniture, clothing, toys and books. Many local residents are bringing in their unwanted items. No money exchanges hands but we do accept donations from those who would like to do so. The reason for starting this project is the result of a survey carried out during our Christmas Giveway. Many people are being affected by the recession and are being touched by the kindness expressed at R&R.

To see our furniture click here.

Helping Others

A centre like this will encourage Community Spirit. Many of the people who participated in our recent survey offered to support the work volunteering their spare time and services. This will create job opportunities for those who have limited hours available because they have young children or who have not been able to find employment at this time. It will also provide a venue where people struggling to cope will meet others in similar circumstances and would not feel so isolated.

Specific financial, social and emotional needs can be recognised and further support and help will be extended. The United Kingdom experienced a financial boom in the 1980's and 1990's where credit cards and loans were very generously extended, and people lived in hire purchased and “buy now and pay later” schemes. A re-education on budget and debt counselling is imperative to cope in the current economic crisis.


The recycling aspect means less landfills and instead of spending money unnecessarily, to bring usable items gifts/furniture/toys in for others and possibly find something that they need. This project gives dignity to people in that they can help the environment as well as take care of some fundamental needs. Where the need is greater the support for dealing with debt and introducing techniques to live within a smaller budget will be offered.


We always look forward to hearing from you, so please write to us at:

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