A Word From Wendy



During the recent floods, over the last ten years God has shown me that His Glory will cover the earth, even as the waters are covering the earth. I know that the Scripture says "as the waters cover the sea", but God was showing me that He is sending revival and His Glory is coming to rest on this earth. This week, He gave me the following:

Recycle and Renewing
has moved. We are now based at:
Unit 7
Trevecca Industrial Estate
Culverland Road
PL14 6RE


Why you should be a Christian

A separation resulted between man and God once Adam sinned.

SIN BECAME THE GULF BETWEEN MAN AND GOD. in order for God to dwell among his creation, he gave the commandments to Moses, which were rules for Holy Living. Because God is Holy He cannot exist among sin, it is either sin, or holiness, both cannot co exist.

Here I am Lord, Send me..

If you would like to invite me to your church for to bring a word from God or to talk about the work of Bethel Minstries, I am available and willing to serve God anywhere He leads.

Special thanks to everyone who has been part of this work and supported Bethel Ministries throughout the last ten years of service to Cornwall.

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